Land the ID Job of Your Dreams (Without Starting Over)

Land the ID Job of Your Dreams (Without Starting Over)

Thinking of making a career change to instructional design? Congratulations! It's a career full of opportunity, especially for those people who live the freedom of working remotely. As you begin to plot your next steps, giving the following ideas some thought:

1. IS THE GRASS GREENER?  The reality of what it’s like to work in instructional design may be different than it appears from the outside. Do your homework, start networking, and talk to other IDs to see if reality is as good as you imagine!

2. ENHANCE YOUR SKILLS.  Make a list of the skills an instructional design manager looks for in an applicant. (Check current job ads!) How do your skills match up? Taking courses and doing volunteer or freelance work will help you gain relevant ID experience and build your list of industry contacts.

3. TAKE BABY STEPS.  Not quite ready to dive into a new career? Find a halfway point between your current work and your dream job. For example, if you're an educator who dreams of becoming an instructional designer, volunteer to create a tutorial for your colleagues or create an infographic for your students. Start a portfolio with your new projects!

4. KNOW YOUR WORTH.  If you are changing fields, it doesn't mean letting go of everything from your former career. The skills you learned are valuable and likely transferable. Be ready to talk about how your experiences have prepared you for this change.

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Stay positive!

Dr. McNeill

P.S. Scroll down for a handy infographic of this artice!

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This post was adapted from an article by Gwen Moran at Fast Company.