3 Quick Ways to Jumpstart Your ID Job Search TODAY

3 Quick Ways to Jumpstart Your ID Job Search TODAY

Ready to start applying for an instructional design (ID) position, but unsure about beginning your job search? First, breathe! Don't try to do everything at once. 

It is helpful to determine your desired area of ID work (corporate, higher ed, government, contract/freelance), but if you're you're not sure, that's okay! Keep your options open.  

So, polish your resume, make sure you have at least a basic ID PORTFOLIO*, and don't forget to use the LinkedIn #Open to Work function. This lets ID recruiters and hiring managers know you're on the market. 

To jumpstart your job search journey, leverage these three quick methods:

    (1) Access & Use Key Job Search Sites: 

    Depending on your preferred area of ID work, scan through listings on Indeed, Glassdoor, HigherEdJobs.com, Zip Recruiter, UpWork, , Monster, CareerBuilder, and various job boards (InstructionalDesign.org, Association for Talent Development, ELearningIndustry.com, etc.)

    (2) Sign Up for Job Alerts and Notifications: 

    Many career sites will alert you about new ID job openings - but you do have to opt in!

    • Be sure to specify your preferred job category, location, salary, skills, industry, and experience level to get better results.
    • Customize how often you receive notifications. You can request immediate, daily, or weekly emails/text messages, etc.

    (3) Consider Searching Multiple Job Titles:

    Search more than "instructional design" job titles. If you don't, you may miss out on some amazing job opportunities.

    Consider searching: Instructional Design Coordinator, Educational Technologist, Trainer, Training and Development Specialist, eLearning Developer, eLearning Designer, Distance Learning Specialist, Educational Technologist, Curriculum Specialist/Developer, Learning Experience Designer, Learning and Development (L&D) Specialist, Instructional Design Contractor, Instructional Design Consultant, and Instructional Design Freelancer.

    *PORTOLIO NOTE: Keep in mind you should have a simple, attractive portfolio ready to go when you begin applying for jobs. Aim for 3-6 projects to begin with and build from there. It doesn't need to be perfect, but it should be your best work. Remember, a portfolio is fluid. Change out projects as you build new artifacts. A portfolio can and should grow and change as you add skills and experience.

    What are your thoughts about jumpstarting your ID job search? Any ideas or tips to add? Please share in the comments below!

    Stay positive!

    Dr. McNeill

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